Ethical management

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Ethical management

We establish a culture of compliance with laws and regulations by enacting codes of conduct and guidelines that executives and employees should follow.

Through the practice of customer-centered management, SM Bexel wants to be a company that wants to deal with customers and partners, a company that wants to invest in shareholders, and a company that wants to work for executives and employees. In order to contribute to the nation and society, we are making and implementing the Code of Conduct based on the correct behavior and value judgment that members of the organization must follow.

Code of Conduct for Compliance with Ethics


Customer-centered management

We always listen to our customers, actively accept their legitimate needs and reasonable suggestions, and make them our top priority for all decisions and actions.

Shareholder Satisfaction Management

SM Bexel enhances the interests of shareholders through efficient and reasonable decision-making and transparent and sound management activities. We strive for continuous management innovation and sound financial structure to improve corporate value.

Co-prosperity with partner companies

We give fair participation opportunities to all qualified companies based on the principle of self-conflict. The selection of partner companies is conducted legally according to objective and fair evaluation standards.

Social responsibility management

As a member of the state and community, we observe social values, domestic and foreign laws and international trade customs for fair business performance at home and abroad.

Respectful management of employees

SM Bexel recognizes and respects the dignity and value of all employees.  Based on the sense of ownership, we strive to create a workplace atmosphere where all executives and employees can have pride and pride through work performance.

We operate an anonymous internal complaint system.

In the global market, international standards for fair trade and anti-corruption of companies are constantly being strengthened. Therefore, if we do not meet the global standards for fair and transparent business management, it will be difficult to lose customer confidence and expect sustainable growth. In response, SM Group operates a compliance organization and operates an internal complaint reporting center that can report potential regulations and violations anonymously or by registration through a trusted third party organization.


Informant protection policy

1. We thoroughly protect the identity and confidentiality of the informant.
2. We ensure that the evidence submitted is thoroughly secure.
3. It thoroughly excludes interrogation activities to know the identity of the informant.

Reward policy

1. In the case of contributing to the eradication of management activities and irregularities of the company as a result of the report, a maximum reward of 500 million won can be paid after the resolution of the internal deliberation committee.
2. However, if the information is false or has already been confirmed through other channels such as investigative agencies or media reports, or if the reward is deemed inappropriate as a result of the deliberation committee, it is excluded from the reward payment.

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